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26 January
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"Does the baby bee ever get with the sexy bee?"

"No, Omi-chan, that would just be wrong."
--"Uncle Yohji's Book of Love" by Durendal and the Beef Chick

I like anime. I like manga. I like comics. I like books in any way I can get them. I like art. I like good food of any kind. I like being a fan. I like the fantasy world I live in. I like slash or yaoi or Hoyay or however you want to say it. I like thumbing my nose at authority figures, but generally from a safe distance. I like sarcasm. I like wit. I like the brainy, nerdy types and the playboys and the quiet, angsty ones and the brash rebels and the wallflowers and the ones who defy stereotypes. I like a whole fucking lot, actually, so if you're waiting around for lots of self-absorbed depression and existential angst, you've come to the wrong damn place.